How to Find a Good Software Developer

Finding the best software development team for non-technical people can be a daunting task.  Custom software is often a big project that involves plenty of time and money, you want it done right with no bugs and you don’t want it to cost you a fortune.  There are excellent software developers out there but how to find a good software developer is knowing how to evaluate them.  So here are some tips to help you find the needle in the cyber haystack.

Understanding of Your Project

It goes without saying that your developer needs to understand your project in order to make it happen.  Many businesses outsource their projects to save money, but you need a programmer with a firm grasp of English to understand your needs.  The developer also needs to understand what your business is and how it works, every industry comes with its own lexicon.  Your developer needs to understand how to put this all together for you so you have a functional piece of software.


Your developer doesn’t need to be Stephen Hawking but they do need have above average intelligence. Usually you can’t google software companies near me.    Programming code requires creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Good programmers and developers have incredible mental focus, this is what allows them to find mistakes within thousands of lines of code.  Good developers can not only write your code but used modular design to reduce errors.  Here are some personality traits of a good programmer.


Of course you want to hire someone who is competent but how do you judge the competence of a software developer, by their past projects.  Take a look at some of their past projects and test them out for yourself.  Does it do everything that it is expected, and does it do it smoothly?  While the end user may recognize an easy to use piece of software it will be another programmer who will recognize well written code.  Have another programmer take a look at their code to make sure it has been competently written.


Experience is a tricky thing when it comes to finding a good developer.  You may find someone who can write in a bunch of different programming languages but they don’t understand how to run a project.  Look at their experience in handling a project of this size rather than just looking at their experience in a particular language.  Talk to any potential companies about how they have solved problems in the past and how they got the work done.

Building custom software for your business is a big expensive project.  Take your time and find the right software development team that you can work with and that can get the job done.

Open Source Software Development Tips

Thanks to Open Source Software the world of programming and software development is far more expansive and open than ever before. Once you learn the principles of coding, you are free to join the community of developers who tinker with bits of code. They aim to make it better or more suited to their need. Being Open Source gives you license to do whatever you want with the system, free of restrictions.

But there is more to Open Source Software Development than just coding and programming. Open Source is all about community. Offering ideas and tips. Testing software to help make it better. This is all part of Open Source.

What follows then are our top tips and ideas to help you on your journey towards being involved in Open Source projects. It is not a full list, but hopefully, there will be something useful for you here.

Open Source Software Development Tips

First of all, jump in

Regardless of your experience, or lack of, still jump into the pool that is Open Source Software Development. There are all kinds of people involved. Many start off with just basic knowledge of coding and join to be involved. But as they jump in, they learn more. It will be the same for you.

Even if you have no coding experience at all, you can still be involved. As we mentioned earlier being Open Source means the community may need you to test software. Beta testing is such a big thing, and there can be rewards for doing so. Also, you get to try out that brand new bit of code before it is fully released.

Be creative and imaginative

Open Source Developers are looking for creative and original minds. All software is built on a need, then an idea. Without these two elements, we wouldn’t have Microsoft Windows or Linux. Those early developers saw a need and came up with a plan. You could be responsible for the next big thing in Open Source software.

Open Source needs writers too

If your skills are more in the written word, rather than code, then developers need you too. The project details will have to write up plus there will be a need for publicity both in hard copy and on the internet. There is a big market for writers in Open Source Software Development.

And if you CAN code…

If your strengths and experience lay in coding then, of course, Open Source developers want you to be part of the community. After all the ideas and design there comes the hard work of putting it all into code. Many jobs as part of a team taking on small projects. You may have code you have already written that can be released to the community.

Like we said earlier, this is not an exhaustive list. But maybe there is something here that might inspire you to jump in.